We detected that you are entering the zone domain with your Ethereum wallet set to mainnet.
To continue, please change the Ethereum network in your wallet to ropsten and click "Reload".
It seems that the explorer was opened with your account from another device, browser, or tab.

Please, close the prior session and click "Reload" to explore the world in this window.
This might be because you are behind a restrictive network firewall, or a temporary problem with our coordinator server.

Please try again later, or reach out to us at [email protected].

Thank you for helping us improve!
This might be just temporary.

Please try reloading, and if the problem persists,
feel free to reach out to us at
[email protected]

Thank you for helping us improve!
Your account is not in the beta testing group. Only users with a claimed name before February 6th have access right now.

Stay tuned! Genesis City opens its doors on February 20th.
The Explorer only works on Chrome or Firefox for Windows, Linux and macOS.
The client is only available on desktop right now.